Dow Jones Stock Market About to Free Fall? Stocks Up A Record 9 Straight Sessions


Stocks Up A Record 9 Straight Sessions

On the Dow Jones Average

For the ninth straight session, the Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced. Per Dow Jones & Company, Inc.’s March 13th, 2013 report, this is the longest streak in 16 years.

On Treasury Bonds 

In contrast, Treasury Bonds fell in price due to better than forecast retail sales growth. This is to be expected as Treasury Bonds are naturally inversely correlated with the stock market as they are seen as less risky investments.

On European Euro

The dollar rose against the euro as concern in the Italian bond market continued. There was less demand for the bonds than the Italian Treasury had expected.

Ireland is expected to sell its first 10-year bonds in three years. Having spent billions on bailing out its major banks such as Bank of Ireland (IRE), Ireland finally is looking to fully finance themselves from the bonds market in 2014.

To sum it all up, investor sentiment is near market highs.